Packing 101

For Brian and I, the packing extravaganza continued this weekend – yippee!! Or should I say….YUCK! The more I do the less I like it, but I will say we’re nearly there and I can’t help but think about the light at the end of this cluttered, box-filled tunnel…our house! Just 5 more days and we’ll be moving in.  I can’t wait.

Now, I wouldn’t exactly call myself an expert on all things packing related, but I will say that I have mastered the art of packing up myself at the very least. My credentials: in college, there was one 12-month period where I believe I moved six times in and out of either campus buildings, Brian’s parent’s house and my first apartment. At one point I was even living out of my car! No – not a lie. Ask anyone at my family reunion if they remember me driving in with clothes piled clear to the ceiling of my little white Malibu, rolling the windows down when I needed something out.

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Packing, Packing and…Packing

We’re down to 15 days until the big move – I can’t believe it!  The Uhaul is booked, the financial commitment received, title secured – all is good! And yet no matter how excited I am about our new home, this next phase of my life with Brian, and the prospect of being so much closer to our families and friends…I will never. Get excited. About packing.

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