Bridesmaid Dresses: Day 3

In addition to the happiness of my dance competition this weekend, I had the wonderful opportunity to spend time with one of my bridesmaids, Lauren, who was visiting the Boston area for business this week. What a treat! You see, Lauren and her fiance (who are getting married this October….THIS October!!! 🙂 ), recently moved back to Indianapolis. While I miss her terribly, I”m super excited for the new beginnings the two of them are starting together there.

I digress…we went shopping for bridesmaid dresses!!

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Engagement Party: Cusick Edition

A little over a week ago Brian and I were treated to our first big engagement present – a HUGE party hosted by his parents at their home in Massachusetts! In preparation for the party, Brian and I had quite the schedule prepared:

  • 10:00 Bridesmaid Dress Appointment at David’s Bridal
  • 12:00 Appointment to see our new home with the entire family.
  • 1:00 Super quick-lunch
  • 1:30 Engagement photos, taken by none other than my talented sister Kaitlyn.
  • 3:30 Get dressed and ready to party!

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Bridesmaid Dresses: Day 2

As I mentioned before, with another bunch of bridesmaids in the area, I had to take advantage of the time I had with them! Off to David’s Bridal we went for round 2 of shopping for the perfect dresses. With me this time around was my sister Kaitlyn (Maid of Honor #2), and two of my closest girlfriends, Megan and Lisette. I regret to say I was QUITE late for this appointment – and for any of you who know me at all, you know that reaaaaalllly irritates me – so by the time I got there they had already take a look through the dress selection.

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Bridesmaid Dresses: Day 1

This week Brian’s sister Ali, one of my maids of honor, and I made some time to go looking at bridesmaids dresses – what fun! With the engagement party Brian’s parents were throwing for us coming up, and many of my bridesmaids coming to visit for that, I wanted to get a head start to see what colors, fabrics and styles I liked. I already knew more generally what I wanted my colors to be. I had done some perusing online, but nothing ever looks the same online, on the rack and on – every girl knows that. So away we went!

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Choosing the Bridal Party

When Brian and I first talked about how we would go about choosing whom would be a part of our bridal party, we definitely thought it would cause a bit of stress.  Once we started talking things out, we realized instead how fortunate we were to have this many people who have supported us over the years, and we wanted to include every one of them! Instead of facing a dilemma, we were facing an opportunity.  An opportunity to say thank you to each of them for being such big parts of our life together to this point.

We’ve taken an nontraditional approach, choosing two best men and two maids of honor – each of whom mean so much to Brian and I.  Without further ado (and in no particular order, as we haven’t decided that piece yet!), meet the bridal party!!

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