Bridesmaid Dresses: Day 1

This week Brian’s sister Ali, one of my maids of honor, and I made some time to go looking at bridesmaids dresses – what fun! With the engagement party Brian’s parents were throwing for us coming up, and many of my bridesmaids coming to visit for that, I wanted to get a head start to see what colors, fabrics and styles I liked. I already knew more generally what I wanted my colors to be. I had done some perusing online, but nothing ever looks the same online, on the rack and on – every girl knows that. So away we went!

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The House Hunt is Over

After a rather disappointing and exhausting round one of house hunting, Brian and I headed into round two last weekend a bit more cautiously, looking at 6 homes in one day (National Realtor’s Day actually…crazy busy everywhere we went). The last home we saw was an absolute winner, and we began last week with an accepted offer, anxiously awaiting the home inspection and hoping not to have the same doom-and-gloom outcome as the last one. Alas, on Saturday, June 11th the home inspector gave us some wonderful news:  “This is an extremely sound home.” Yahoo!

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Wedding Venue – Check!

In the past month, Brian and I made two separate day trips to Maine so that we could visit potential wedding venues and find a place to get married.  On our first trip, we visited three venues and on our second, while we had three appointments scheduled, we just knew after our first appointment that our search was over.  Here’s a quick snapshot of everything we checked out.

The Atlantic Oceanside Hotel & Conference Center

This is the first venue we visited but was difficult to envision since there was so much construction going on at the facility. While the wedding ceremony sites were quite breath-taking, I wasn’t a fan of the reception hall and it didn’t sound like they had plans to renovate it.  The room was oddly dysfunctional and I really didn’t feel that it would fit our needs. The hotel accommodations for guests were also a bit rustic for my tastes.  I didn’t think it was worth sacrificing high-end rooms for a beautiful view of the ocean.

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House Hunting 101

It’s been about a month since my last post, and while I’m not a fan of horrible excuses, I think I have a rather good one:  in addition to planning our upcoming wedding celebration, Brian and I have been looking at houses!

Brian and I have always been busy bees, but this past month has been complete craziness. After six weeks  of searching, an accepted offer, a home inspection gone wrong, and then the search beginning at its start once more, I have to admit that I am seriously tuckered out! During all this, we were still heavily in the wedding planning process, making day-trips to Central Maine twice this month!

So, since the two of us are essentially the guinea pig couple among our mutual group of friends, we’ve pulled together a few tips to help the rest of you young-folk out there prepare for your future home search/purchase.

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Mother’s Day

To all you moms out there…

I am fortunate to have the most wonderful mom to support everything I do, an amazing grandmother who has acted like Mom #2 my entire life, and a fabulous mother-in-law-to-be that I can turn to here in Massachusetts. To each of you, thank you for all you do to support and love me. I hope you each have a wonderful Mother’s Day!!!

Happy (Belated) Easter!

This year for Easter, Brian and I spent the day with his family on the North Shore. This tends to be our tradition for this holiday, since my family is so far away and it’s difficult to make the trip without taking vacation days off. So, up we got at 6:00 on Sunday morning to meet his parents at the 8:00 a.m. Easter Mass. Anyone who knows me might understand my hesitancy, since while on the highway to Easter service last year, the oil plug of my brand new car (we’re talking three weeks old at that point) fell out of my car, along with all the oil in my engine. Needless to say, I spent that Easter morning on the highway with a couple of state troopers waiting for the tow truck to arrive. Thank goodness they were nice and accommodating!

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Our Short Quest to Find “The Dress”

On April 20th my mom came down for an unexpected visit to Boston. As soon as I found out she would be here I requested a little time off of work.  My parents live about 400 miles north of me a tiny Northern Maine town, so we don’t get the opportunity to see each other very often. This would be the first time I saw my family since the engagement and I wanted to capitalize on every moment! We immediately began calling bridal shops in the area to see if we could get appointments to look at dresses.

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