Packing, Packing and…Packing

We’re down to 15 days until the big move – I can’t believe it!  The Uhaul is booked, the financial commitment received, title secured – all is good! And yet no matter how excited I am about our new home, this next phase of my life with Brian, and the prospect of being so much closer to our families and friends…I will never. Get excited. About packing.

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Mother’s Day

To all you moms out there…

I am fortunate to have the most wonderful mom to support everything I do, an amazing grandmother who has acted like Mom #2 my entire life, and a fabulous mother-in-law-to-be that I can turn to here in Massachusetts. To each of you, thank you for all you do to support and love me. I hope you each have a wonderful Mother’s Day!!!

Happy (Belated) Easter!

This year for Easter, Brian and I spent the day with his family on the North Shore. This tends to be our tradition for this holiday, since my family is so far away and it’s difficult to make the trip without taking vacation days off. So, up we got at 6:00 on Sunday morning to meet his parents at the 8:00 a.m. Easter Mass. Anyone who knows me might understand my hesitancy, since while on the highway to Easter service last year, the oil plug of my brand new car (we’re talking three weeks old at that point) fell out of my car, along with all the oil in my engine. Needless to say, I spent that Easter morning on the highway with a couple of state troopers waiting for the tow truck to arrive. Thank goodness they were nice and accommodating!

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Our Short Quest to Find “The Dress”

On April 20th my mom came down for an unexpected visit to Boston. As soon as I found out she would be here I requested a little time off of work.  My parents live about 400 miles north of me a tiny Northern Maine town, so we don’t get the opportunity to see each other very often. This would be the first time I saw my family since the engagement and I wanted to capitalize on every moment! We immediately began calling bridal shops in the area to see if we could get appointments to look at dresses.

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Miss to Mrs and Maineac to Masshole

Hello all,

My name is Brittany McLaughlin, but you can call me Mrs. Mass Musings. In the Fall of 2005 – after an entire childhood of growing up in a small, Northern Maine community – I made the move to the ‘big city’ of Boston in search of higher education at Bentley University. It was during that first year in college that I met the love of my life and things changed forever. We’re now engaged, planning a wedding for the summer of 2012, and looking to buy our first home together.

From small town to big city, Miss to Mrs, Maineac to Masshole – follow along and enjoy the ride as my official transformation begins!