Dancing the night away…

Ok…so I”m a bit crazy about dancing. Always have been. Growing up, I’d pull the shades down in my bedroom and dance to any anything and everything, groove to a song in the shower, and to this day, I can’t sit still when a good beat comes on the radio. I can’t help it! Music is in my DNA and I just love it, Love It, LOVE IT!

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Packing, Packing and…Packing

We’re down to 15 days until the big move – I can’t believe it!  The Uhaul is booked, the financial commitment received, title secured – all is good! And yet no matter how excited I am about our new home, this next phase of my life with Brian, and the prospect of being so much closer to our families and friends…I will never. Get excited. About packing.

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Wedding Venue – Check!

In the past month, Brian and I made two separate day trips to Maine so that we could visit potential wedding venues and find a place to get married.  On our first trip, we visited three venues and on our second, while we had three appointments scheduled, we just knew after our first appointment that our search was over.  Here’s a quick snapshot of everything we checked out.

The Atlantic Oceanside Hotel & Conference Center

This is the first venue we visited but was difficult to envision since there was so much construction going on at the facility. While the wedding ceremony sites were quite breath-taking, I wasn’t a fan of the reception hall and it didn’t sound like they had plans to renovate it.  The room was oddly dysfunctional and I really didn’t feel that it would fit our needs. The hotel accommodations for guests were also a bit rustic for my tastes.  I didn’t think it was worth sacrificing high-end rooms for a beautiful view of the ocean.

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House Hunting 101

It’s been about a month since my last post, and while I’m not a fan of horrible excuses, I think I have a rather good one:  in addition to planning our upcoming wedding celebration, Brian and I have been looking at houses!

Brian and I have always been busy bees, but this past month has been complete craziness. After six weeks  of searching, an accepted offer, a home inspection gone wrong, and then the search beginning at its start once more, I have to admit that I am seriously tuckered out! During all this, we were still heavily in the wedding planning process, making day-trips to Central Maine twice this month!

So, since the two of us are essentially the guinea pig couple among our mutual group of friends, we’ve pulled together a few tips to help the rest of you young-folk out there prepare for your future home search/purchase.

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Celebrating with Friends

On Saturday, April 16th Brian and I hosted the majority of our bridal party and our closest friends for an engagement get together. For us, it served as an opportunity to tell everyone our story in person, but also to thank each of them for being a big part of helping our relationship get to this point. After quieting the 30-or-so people in our apartment and telling our story, I was nearly in tears (again).

Brian and I have received overwhelming support from our family and friends over these past few years. Maybe its me being sentimental as we begin the planning process for our ‘big day,’ but I don’t think I’ve ever been happier. Thank you to everyone who was able to come and celebrate with us, and to everyone who completely surprised us with these wonderful gifts!  We’re looking forward to the years ahead with each of you 🙂

Just Five Short Years Ago

The first time I met Brian, I was actually on a date of sorts with another man!  Maybe an exaggeration, but for my young, freshman self…a serious accomplishment. Two male friends from class asked myself and a friend out for a night on the town, which ended us in Brian’s dorm room for drinks and card games. After being there a short time, Brian walked in the door to see what was going on in his room and introduced himself.  We talked the whole night through and at some point, although I don’t remember when, my friend and our dates left me there.

The rest is history! (and my Facebook history says this is our first party picture together).  We’ve been inseparable ever since, and that isn’t changing any time soon.

[Side note: I also met one of my closest girlfriends there that night, Megan Berry.  She has her own blog, Eventfully Yours, and you should check it out!]

A little time line of us!

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