Packing, Packing and…Packing

We’re down to 15 days until the big move – I can’t believe it!  The Uhaul is booked, the financial commitment received, title secured – all is good! And yet no matter how excited I am about our new home, this next phase of my life with Brian, and the prospect of being so much closer to our families and friends…I will never. Get excited. About packing.

Last weekend – while Brian was away on a much-needed boys weekend – I began the daunting task of organizing our pending move. I pulled down all our wall hangings. Packed up all the bookshelves. Bagged all the extra linens. Boxed anything in the kitchen I could do without for the short-term. Any of our winter clothes were covered with trash bags. Everything was labeled with its contents and intended location.  Ahhhh the joys of organization.  Maybe I’m a little OCD about it…but I just love it!

But somehow, as I pack all these things up and get ready for Phase 3 of Brian + Me (I consider Phase 1 our college days and Phase 2 moving in with another) I can’t help but be a bit sad that Phase 2 of us is coming to a close. This was our first apartment together. We made our first big, joint purchase while we were here. We hosted our first parties as a single unit here. We got ENGAGED in the very room I write this blog post from! And we’re leaving it all behind.

But for something good! I absolutely couldn’t be happier. One weekend of packing down and only 2 more left to go.  15 days…wow! Much to do and little time to get it done. This picture of us the first few years of dating describes perfection what I’m looking forward to come August….


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