Bridesmaid Dresses: Day 2

As I mentioned before, with another bunch of bridesmaids in the area, I had to take advantage of the time I had with them! Off to David’s Bridal we went for round 2 of shopping for the perfect dresses. With me this time around was my sister Kaitlyn (Maid of Honor #2), and two of my closest girlfriends, Megan and Lisette. I regret to say I was QUITE late for this appointment – and for any of you who know me at all, you know that reaaaaalllly irritates me – so by the time I got there they had already take a look through the dress selection.

When Ali and I went shopping earlier in the week, we ruled out a few dresses and colors that we really disliked, but there were still a few style options on the table.  I had in my head what I was hoping they would pick…but I wasn’t going to be pushy because I really, truly, DO want the girls to have something they like.  Promise! Oddly enough, they liked exactly what I was hoping they would so…four bridesmaids down and four more to go!  Here’s what two more are going to be wearing!


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